The village


    The authentic village of Olmeto, worth a detour, perched 360 meters above sea level, between idyllic beaches and a history that goes back to the dawn of time, Olmeto, the city with two faces.

    There is Olmeto Village for lovers of culture, heritage and Olmeto-Plage, the seaside annex which extends along the Gulf of Valinco its seventeen kilometers of white sand beaches bathed in transparent water and its small coves lined with rocks that are so many small havens of peace.

    Lined with houses, high stone facades and old red tile roofs, between which pass through vaulted passages and stairs patinated by time, the cobbled streets of Olmeto run down, between oaks and olive trees.
    There are remains of the Bronze Age, traces of the passage of Saracens, Genoese, Capuchin monks … and even of Prosper Mérimée! This one was indeed inspired by the vendetta of Colomba Carabelli, who lived here (one can still see his house) for the novel “Colomba”.

    To visit Olmeto is to read a history book whose most beautiful pages are:

    1- Beautiful organ (1850) from the 9th century Sainte-Marie church,
    2- The largest statue-menhir of Corsica (3,70m), lying in the shade of an olive tree on which we can clearly see a face and a sword engraved 8,000 years ago
    3- The Castellu de Cuntorba dating from the Bronze Age
    4- The Ruins of the Saint-Antoine Convent (classified as a historical monument)
    5- The 19th century washhouse

    But Olmeto is not just a prestigious past, it is also a place where one takes care of one’s body with sulphurous hot springs recognized for their benefits since antiquity and exploited by the Baths of Baracci which propose since few wellness and fitness stays.