The Bavella needles dominate the neck of the same name at 1218 m. The site is characterized by jagged photos, large rock walls and wind-twisted pines.

    Distance: 56 Km
    Path: 1h15


    8000 years Filitosa jealously guard its statues-menhirs, its circular monuments (the “Torre”) and its mysteries. True open-air museum, it preserves the traces of a very long occupation. Filitosa the largest center of Corsican statuary art, the most prodigious of the Mediterranean. Filitosa is listed as a historical monument and is listed as one of the hundred historical sites of common interest to the countries of the Mediterranean..

    Distance: 13 Km
    Path: 18 min


    The Tower of Campomoro built in the sixteenth by the Genoese, is the largest tower of Corsica (15m high). The wealth of Belvédère-Campomoro is due to the diversity of these activities: hiking, diving, fishing, discovery of medieval monuments and more … It is above all a fishing village. Discover the site Campomoro Senetosa revealing coves and superb pebble beaches.

    Distance: 21 Km
    Path: 27 min


    It is to Mérimée that one owes the nickname of Sartène: “most Corsican of the Corsican cities”. The reason ? Sartène has always remained faithful to the Corsican traditions, as shown by the Catenacciu procession on Good Friday. Erected at 300 meters above sea level, the city is firmly anchored from the Middle Ages to the rocky spur of Pitraghiu. It is one of the most picturesque cities of Corsica.

    Distance: 21 Km
    Path: 27 Min


    Halfway between Sartène and Bonifacio, the lion of Roccapina, superb natural sculpture, seems to watch over the kiss and the Genoese tower which it dominates. As in various points of the insular coast, the wind, the spray, the rains have dug and carved pink granite sometimes creating real monumental sculpturesThe noble animal guard Roccapina tower and dominates a beautiful white sand beach. Legend has it that in the time of the Saracens, a lord of great courage lived there. The barbarians had dubbed him the lion of Roccapina. One day when he was hunting there, the lord met a young woman whom he fell in love with but could not marry. Then, desperate, he invoked death and he was petrified under the appearance of the lion.

    Distance: 41 Km
    Path: 50 min

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